Living in the Netherlands

The Netherlands, governed as a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy - one of the last monarchies in Europe – are an inviting place to live. House hunting should not be a big problem. You could live next to the German border or with a great view of the Atlantic Ocean. 

If you would like to become one of the approx. 16 million inhabitants, the following websites offer information on how this can be done:

Living costs in the Netherlands

A flat in the Netherlands is affordable at € 700 and comparable to the costs in Germany. The price of other goods is also easily comparable to those in Germany. In a fast food restaurant you can get a full meal for only €7. For those of you who want something more substantial, you can pay €15 for a delicious meal in a typical Dutch restaurant. 

A full overview can be found here:

Application process in the Netherlands

Dutch employers attach increasingly more importance to skills than degree certificates or letters of reference. It is common to get questions about specific situations in your previous work life. For instance, you can be asked about tasks you had to complete and how you achieved your goals or dealt with challenges. 

The time between application, selection process and employment can differ. It could take around two months for a final decision to be made, especially as assessment centres don’t take place on a weekly basis. 

Salary, insurance and taxes in the Netherlands

Salaries are typically slightly lower in the Netherlands than in Germany. However, they don’t expect you to do any overtime. You complete your daily working hours and can enjoy your free time after that.

The tax system in the Netherlands is set into boxes. Social security funds are structured slightly different, too. You could potentially benefit from tax exemptions of up to 30%, if you fulfill the requirements.

For those of you who would like to find out more about this system, we recommend the following link:

And here you can find an income tax calculator:


Moving to the Netherlands

As in almost every country, most of the companies in the Netherlands cover the cost of moving. It depends on the company and the position, but a relocation package could for example include the flight, a hotel, or even furniture. 



If you are now interested in a life in the Netherlands, take a look at our job offers in the Netherlands!

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