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As recruiters, we have made our task to arrange professional contacts throughout Europe. We are not a staff leasing agency, we deal solely with permanent positions. We act as your partners and advisers, finding suitable employees for our customers and exciting new tasks for our candidates.

In addition to years of experience in recruiting and a large network of contacts, we set ourselves apart by our significant international experience, broad knowledge of languages and individually-tailored advice.

To strive for a long-term cooperation, we attach great importance to arranging the best possible match between all parties.

Our successful candidates

From Bielefeld (GER)
to Ulm (GER)
Language combination German / French / English


After an interesting position offered by "people-s-place GmbH" the whole team and especially Mrs. Mittmann supported me throughout the entire application process for my new job. She always had an open ear for me and answered me every kind of question I had. I always had all the necessary information in a very short period of time. This highly professional attitude enabled a smooth and successful change towards the new company. Even in terms of relocation, Mrs Mittmann was a great help for me. Thanks to her efforts I quickly found a new apartment in Ulm and was given helpful hints for my beginning and my first steps here in Ulm. Many thanks!
From Berlin (GER)
to greater Stuttgart area (GER)
Language combination Italian / Spanish / English


I was looking for a big company to work for, where I can grow and give 100% and more. Thanks to “people-s-place” I’ve found my dream job and I feel really satisfied. During the research they were always available, very gentle and focused on the target. I felt like someone from my family or my friends was helping me to find the right job.
From Charleroi (BEL)
to Maastricht (NL)
Language combination Dutch / English


Eloïse Cosemans contacted me to offer me an interesting position. After a phone interview (in my language!) where she got to know me, I decided to apply. Unfortunately by the time I applied the position was filled. Nevertheless, Eloïse didn't give up on me and found me an even better position immediately. I was guided and advised trough the whole process very professionally and at the same time, I had the feeling that one of my best friends or a relative was helping me find the perfect job. I felt cared for and treated like a human, not a product. After her recommendation, I got a great job offer from an international company. Thank you very much people-s-place, especially Ms. Cosemans! I would strongly recommend this company to every job applicant and companies looking for skilled workers! Kind regards, Abdoul
From Chaumont-Gistoux (BEL) to Maastricht (NL)
Language combination French / English


Caroline was very helpful and professional while I was applying for a position. Thanks to her monitoring, and advice, I was able to get the position. I wouldn't have gotten it without her expertise. She was always available for questions, empathic and motivating, she followed the process with attention and a tailored counselling. I would definitely recommend her.

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