We want to find the right job for you!

As recruiters, we have made our task to arrange professional contacts throughout Europe. We are not a staff leasing agency, we deal solely with permanent positions. We act as your partners and advisers, finding suitable employees for our customers and exciting new tasks for our candidates.

In addition to years of experience in recruiting and a large network of contacts, we set ourselves apart by our significant international experience, broad knowledge of languages and individually-tailored advice.

To strive for a long-term cooperation, we attach great importance to arranging the best possible match between all parties.

Our successful candidates

From Bielefeld (GER)
to Ulm (GER)
Language combination German / French / English


After an interesting position offered by "people-s-place GmbH" the whole team and especially Mrs. Mittmann supported me throughout the entire application process for my new job. She always had an open ear for me and answered me every kind of question I had. I always had all the necessary information in a very short period of time. This highly professional attitude enabled a smooth and successful change towards the new company. Even in terms of relocation, Mrs Mittmann was a great help for me. Thanks to her efforts I quickly found a new apartment in Ulm and was given helpful hints for my beginning and my first steps here in Ulm. Many thanks!
From Berlin (GER)
to greater Stuttgart area (GER)
Language combination Italian / Spanish / English


I was looking for a big company to work for, where I can grow and give 100% and more. Thanks to “people-s-place” I’ve found my dream job and I feel really satisfied. During the research they were always available, very gentle and focused on the target. I felt like someone from my family or my friends was helping me to find the right job.
From Chaumont-Gistoux (BEL) to Maastricht (NL)
Language combination French / English


Caroline was very helpful and professional while I was applying for a position. Thanks to her monitoring, and advice, I was able to get the position. I wouldn't have gotten it without her expertise. She was always available for questions, empathic and motivating, she followed the process with attention and a tailored counselling. I would definitely recommend her.
From Southern Finland to Southern Germany
Language combination Finnish / English / Swedish


I’m grateful to Linda at people-s-place for all her help, support, advices and believing in me when I applied for a position in Germany. Linda gave me great personal tips on how to improve myself, which qualities to emphasize in myself and she was my personal mentor during the recruitment process and always available for questions. Linda made sure that every step of the process went as smoothly as possible and I only needed to worry about my part –charming the interviewers with my skills and capabilities. Thanks to Linda and people-s-place I got the position I desired and I was able to start my career abroad in Germany.
From Málaga (ES) to Maastricht (NL)
Language combination English


I chose to find work in the Netherlands because it seemed like a nice place and I wanted to have a good job working for a big company. I genuinely highly recommend people-s-place as they were so helpful and friendly and kind during the recruitment process. I dealt mainly with Linda, who is a lovely lady who armed me with all of the information I could possibly need for writing my cover letter and attending the assessment day. I felt like she and the others took a personal interest in my progress, and it was so nice to get a call from Linda to congratulate me when I got offered the job. She kept me updated during that whole anxious wait to hear back from the company after sending off my covering letter, right through to checking I was okay before flying out for my assessment day. The city I moved to is really nice and Dutch people are very friendly. If you take an interest in learning the language, you will find that its really quite easy and enjoyable to learn. My advice to someone who wants to work abroad is to make the most of their initial visit and talk to everyone around you to find out as much as you can and ask lots of questions to see if you can see yourself living there. With the right attitude, moving to a new place can be a wonderful experience and I can say that mine certainly has been.
From Madrid (ES) to Maastricht (NL)
Language combination Spanish, English, Catalan


I was approached by people-s-place with a proposal of working abroad for a Top Rated Company. I was already in another Top Rated Company but I was at the point in which I could to consider a change. Linda perfectly understood that trigger would be the Project, more than the income. We made some very nice interviews, always focusing in the managerial style, professional achievements. We set up our expectations in terms of what I would request to make the change, and what I could deliver for the new project. I went for the interview with the company, by skype first and in person afterwards. At the end of the process (quite long with demanding assessments), I was the selected candidate and I joined the new company without needing to make any extra negotiation, because the expectations of both sides where perfectly aligned since the initial stages of the process. Linda played a decisive role. Always making me feel she worked for me. Always with very honest communication, and with constant feedback. Now I am happily installed in the Netherlands working for a company to feel proud to work for. People-s-place made an excellent job, and it is one of the best experiences I have gone through in terms of recruiting.
From Herzogenrath (GER) to Maastricht (NL)
Language combination German / English


After I was contacted by an employee of people-s-palace via LinkedIn, he made me aware of a very interesting vacancy. He supported me through the whole recruitment process. As a result the placement, as well as the process, was completely problem and stress -free. Maximilian, my contact person at people-s-place, seemed greatly anxious, competent and professional. Therefore, I would really like to thank him. I can finally say, that I would definitely work together with people-s-place in the future again.

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