Cooperation with people-s-place

  • people-s-place is a service provider with orientation in international recruitment. We work for our clients (= companies in Europe) and help them to find specialists (m/f/d) from various fields.

  • No, we only work with companies that are interested in direct placement. This means that successful mediated applicants (m/f/d) sign a contract directly with the company and not the people-s-place GmbH. Our service is completed and ends when the candidate (m/f/d) signs the contract or appears on the first working day.

  • Our corporate language is English. However, we cover just about every European language either with our core team or with our network. In the "About us" section you can see which languages we currently cover with the core team. Please feel free to contact us for any additional needs.

  • Conditions are agreed individually and contractually depending on your needs and wishes. In general, however, our services are free of charge until the candidate (m/f/d) have been hired and appear in your office on their first day of work. 

  • Our portfolio covers a wide range of industries, including e-commerce, IT and logistics, for example. Our focus includes the recruitment of employees in the areas of programming, customer service, technical support, sales and finance.

Application process

  • We recruit candidates (m/f/d) via various paid channels and networks. Through initial screenings in person, via telephone and / or video call, we find out whether the candidate could be a suitable candidate. Through assessment tests we find out if qualifications and personality fit to our client. If not already available, we obtain references from previous employers. If everything is right, we present you with detailed candidate profiles and you choose which ones you would like to meet in interviews. We align all parties at all times and handle communication to make the recruitment process as simple, efficient and time-saving as possible. 

  • We check the required language skills in an interview and, if necessary, by means of written tests. For further requirements we use aptitude tests, which check the technical skills of the applicants (e.g. in programming). To find out whether there is also an interpersonal fit, we use DISC personality evaluations.

More questions?

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