Recruitment Services

Cross-border and cross-sector recruitment

Benefit from our experience in the field of cross-border recruitment. We understand what it means to find the right talents (m/f/d) from abroad.

Language experts

Our consultants speak 12 different languages. Others can be covered through our large international network. The language skills of our candidates (m/f/d) can be tested immediately.


We always work on the edge of the time and use current methods and platforms in the field of international recruiting.

Passion for service

Special requirements are very welcome! We are seeking for long-term partnerships with our clients.


We can deliver suitable applicants (m/f/d) very quickly and cost-effectively. You are our focus. Tell us your demand, we provide you the solution!

Flexibility and efficiency

Our daily business of recruitment activities provides an efficient and effective solution to your staffing needs.

All of our recruitment services

  1. Recruitment of candidates (m/f/d) in various data bases which are subject to a charge
  2. Pre-selection of suitable candidates (m/f/d)
  3. Interview with the candidates (m/f/d) in person, by telephone or video call
  4. Creation of candidate (m/f/d) profiles according to our client's demands and requirements
  5. If desired: Preparation of customer questionnaire for the candidate (m/f/d)
  6. Extensive disclosure of information about the client to the potential candidates (m/f/d)
  7. Obtaining references (if desired)
  8. Any correspondence between all three parties incl. postage, from the beginning of the recruitment process until the first working day of the recruited candidate (m/f/d)
  9. Candidate's (m/f/d) briefing to prepare for job interviews
  10. If desired: Participation in job interviews with candidates (m/f/d)
  11. Language Tests
  12. Personality tests