May 15, 2020
Written by Jessica Hartwig


Working From Home: How To

May 08, 2020
Written by Jessica Hartwig

Working from home can be more difficult than it might appear at first sight. More freedom, more distractions, less communication. We put together some pieces of advice on what we do to work concentrated. Maybe it will help you to work as effectively as possible as well. Create a to-do-list at the beginning of every week and every day. What are your main goals this week? How can you break these down to smaller day to day tasks? Furthermore, make a clear schedule of the...

Latrell's Time at people-s-place

May 02, 2020
Written by Jessica Hartwig

"When I decided last summer that I wanted to take a look into the working world I wasn't sure what to expect - but when I started here at people-s-place I was warmly welcomed by the team and colleagues and I immediately felt very welcome. I was involved in what was going on right from the beginning and so I was able to work on my own very quickly. My projects and tasks got bigger and bigger over time and I got to know more and more work branches...

Job Search During Corona Crisis... Mission (Im)possible?

May 02, 2020
Written by Jessica Hartwig

A worldwide pandemic that affects everyone - really everyone. Shops are closed, curfews are in place, assembly lines are at a standstill and there is a global travel warning. It is simply impossible to find a job during this time. Is it?   Not quite! Because not every company is negatively affected by the crisis. Some even profit from current developments. Others are preparing for tomorrow. Because there will be a tomorrow - with companies, leaders, and employees who are stronger and smarter than yesterday.   ...

My Story How I Became a Recruiter

March 12, 2020
Written by Caroline Mittmann

From initial training, to learning from the best, to having fantastic role models, to building up my own company…   My Story How I Became a Recruiter   People often ask me: „Caro, why did you become a recruiter?“ After my A-levels, I started studying international business administration. I have been travelling and surrounding myself with international people since I can remember. It was clear to me that I want to work in an international work environment eventually. „Yes, someday it will happen“, I thought to...

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