"Caroline Mittmann, the CEO of people-s-place kindly welcomed us on the first day at the entrance of the people-s-place office. We met our new colleagues and they immediately showed us what kind of work they pursue at people-s-place. The family-like atmosphere was obvious from the beginning, the employees were not only nice and friendly, they also got along very well with each other. For instance, they have a ‘team breakfast’ once a month.

As we are part of the so-called ‘Education Academy’, our first stop is at people-s-place GmbH in Ulm-Jungingen. Our goal is to learn more about work-life, since we have only experienced school and Basketball so far.

Our goal was achieved right from the start: after a short introduction by Caroline Mittmann, how everything works, we got going. We were released into the ‘wilderness of sourcing’. Our task was to find candidates for open positions. Julius and I just don’t work at people-s-place as interns together. We are also teammates, which is why we turned sourcing into a competition. Whoever finds more candidates and places them, wins. The will to win is always within us due to the constant competition in basketball.

The next days and weeks we were allowed to do more and more ourselves. All the tasks of an ‘International Recruitment Consultant’ were presented to us, so that by the end of our internship at people-s-place we are able to interview candidates ourselves, ultimately placing them with the company.

I acquired many different skills and traits during my period with people-s-place. Skills, such as intercultural communication, but also working with computers and traits like kindness and respect are taught. From the beginning, I have been discovering new jobs every day, of which I have never heard of before. I noticed that this internship helped us create a new sense of the world and work-life. These few hours in the day establish a balance in my life outside of basketball. Furthermore, the work experience assists in fabricating a career orientation, considering it's impossible to play basketball all your life and injuries also occur."




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