Talking to many, many people every day about recruiting-related topics is a great gift.

You get very valuable insights about what people experience, feel, think, expect.


I am happy to share my insights with you:

  • Recruiting processes often take too long especially when applying for big organisations. I heard many times that people had to wait for weeks until they have received feedback.
  • Especially when working in the field of cross-border recruiting, people tell us that they appreciate it a lot if their "total packages" include a relocation package or relocation assistance. If you really want new employees, invest and assist them with their relocation! They will start at your company as very, very happy employees!
  • Relationship between the superior and the employees: Be clear about what you expect from your employees (tasks and goals, etc.), inform them about what they can decide on their own and when you want to be involved, be clear about working hours, how extra work is handled, team rules and the best way to communicate with you and within the team. People want to be informed!
  • Working in Germany: Many, many companies still want people to speak German on a good level as a requirement to join the company. My biggest wish is to rethink this topic. We lose so many great people with this attitude! It might not be applicable for all roles, but does a Software Developer really need to speak German?
  • Contract duration: Most people we talk to appreciate if the new contract is an indefinite one. That is a fact!
  • And yes, of course, the „flexibility topic“: People want to be flexible and decide when they start to work, enjoy a working day from the home office, want to choose when they want to go on vacation. Do you see any space in your organisation to give your employees more flexibility?
  • Cross-Border Recruiting is very interesting when it comes to salaries, taxes, days off, health insurance, etc. My advice: Be prepared and get insights about the countries the people come from when you want to hire them and be prepared for questions to those topics from the candidates. Contracts will only be accepted if people feel that they will be in a better situation than the current one. Amaze people with your excellence and your knowledge. This will come back in a positive way.
  • „Ratings“: Yes, people check online ratings. Let your employees and clients rate you so people get a realistic overview of your company. If you have 500 employees and only 50 people have rated you, 10 ratings are negative, guess what people think...


My personal conclusion:

Yes, all these topics mean extra work and it takes time to implement new things. If you want to improve things: do it. Nothing will get better if you stick to the things as they are. Your employees are your key to success! Get the employees you want and keep them!


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