Benvenuti a Ulm, Camilla

The last week was a very special one for us: Our intern Camilla came all the way from Conegliano to Ulm to work in our office for a whole week. Because of Corona, she had to start her internship from home last month and will continue to do most of her work from there. However, in order to get to know us personally and gain better insights into recruiting, she has now paid us a visit.

She has brought us fabulous gifts from Italy. Can you believe her uncle made these delicacies himself?


Camilla herself was also very happy to be here: "My visit in Ulm was great! I finally managed to meet my colleagues, although they looked so familiar already through all the video chats. I was happy to spend some time at the office and get to know Ulm and its surroundings."


At people-s-place we all think that work and friendship should go hand in hand. Personal relationships, similarities and a harmonious togetherness strengthen us also in our daily work. Camilla sees it the same way: "After spending some time face to face with my colleagues I feel more confident on my tasks and I could learn a lot from their experience. I could discover a lot more details on the job positions we are working on. At the same time, I was very lucky because my colleagues could spend some time with me also outside the office. We went to dinner and I could finally try their favourite restaurants they always talk about!"


We are super happy that Camilla enjoyed her stay with us: "In general, I loved the atmosphere at the office and the way everyone helps each other. It is always nice to find a friendly working environment and the office is very cosy too! Last but not least, Ulm is a beautiful city to visit and I was lucky enough to find sunny weather."


Camilla is already planning her next stay with us in Ulm in August and we are already looking forward to seeing her! We all enjoyed the time together very much and are looking forward to more meals, experiences and conversations.

... And who knows, maybe one day we will even visit her in Conegliano!