Marketing & Communications Specialist

Jessica Hartwig

To decide for one thing is at the same time to decide against something else. Right? Not with Jessie. Our multitasqueen wants to dance at every wedding, which is why she not only takes care of all our corporate communications, but also does research at university "alongside", completing her doctorate in economics.




Jessie joined people-s-place in 2018 as a working student. At that time, she had just started her master's degree in economics. Her specialty is microeconomics and she is particularly interested in behavioral economics. After all, it can't hurt to know why people tick the way they do!

After graduating, Jessie stayed true to science, but also to us, and worked as a research assistant at the university and took over marketing management at people-s-place. Doctoral studies would soon follow. As a lecturer, she also passes on her knowledge to the next generation of academics. Oh yes: she also teaches voluntary sports courses at a local sports club (how many hours does this woman have in a day?).

Jessie likes to clear her head best in the kitchen. It's okay with us: she makes the best and most beautiful muffins!

Her absolute favorite month (Ho ho ho!)
workouts per week
hour listening to podcasts per day (at least!)
Sweet like candy but sometimes hangry!