International Recruitment Consultant

Irene Fascio

Irene is our cheerful and vital explorer of the world. She’s curious about creating contacts with many different people from different countries. Preferably, in one of the 6 languages she speaks!




Who could be a better fit to our motto ‘We speak your language’ than Irene? She speaks Italian, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and French. Ever since her Erasmus experiences, she takes every opportunity possible getting in touch with people from abroad.

Funnily, Irene first was a candidate for one of our clients. However, along the way, she fell in love with people-s-place instead, which is why she started working as an International Recruiting Assistant in our team. Professionally and privately, she likes things well done and often demands the same precision and commitment from other people.

Irene started discovering the world with her family when she was 8 years old. Traveling broadened her horizons and taught her to always walk through the world with open eyes. She loves playing volleyball, cooking and everything concerning wine. She loves to do Aperitivo with her friends and going to the cinema. With house and techno and a good pizza, you'll always have her on your side.

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