Living in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom (UK) consists of the regions of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. With around 65 million inhabitants, however, it still has fewer residents than Germany. This does not make flat-hunting any easier though, especially since in the in the major British cities such as London and Manchester, rents are very expensive. It is therefore recommended to look for a room or a flatshare. This can be a cost-effective alternative. A flatshare is also a great opportunity for insider tips and finding friends.

Suitable rooms can be found here:

Those who can afford to spend a little more can also look around for an apartment. The apartments are mostly furnished and equipped with a number of utensiles. The majority of lease contracts usually run for six months to one year. You should therefore be careful that you don't get caught off guard with your contract.

Attractive apartments can be found here:



Cost of living in the United Kingdom

Don’t be afraid, the costs of living in the UK are not as high as the price of tickets to a football stadium in the UK. It should be noted that you do not pay in euros but in pounds. The average rent is about £600 in the UK. A small meal in a restaurant might cost around 11 pounds. This still leaves you with enough money for one or two cups of tea.

If you want to find out more, we can recommend to the following page:


Your application in the United Kingdom

In the UK, it is important that you closely follow the instructions you are given. This begins with the submission of the application form.

Some employers hold preliminary discussions via video conference. So far, this is still rare. Most of the interviews are face-to-face discussions. The whole process is relatively fast, with only four to six weeks between publication of the vacancy and the first working day.


Salaries, insurance and taxes in the United Kingdom

The average salary in the United Kingdom is 1.600 pounds. This is roughly 2,200 EUR, a similar salary level to Germany.

In order to be able to work in the UK you will need a national insurance number. You can get this at the Jobcentre Plus ( They inform you about all documents that you need to submit. However, this whole process can take 12 weeks, so make sure you start the process in time. 

Concerning the deduction of taxes and health insurance, you can inform yourself about the different tax categories and insurance contributions here:

Or simply enter your data into the uk-tax-calculator:



Move to the United Kingdom

In the UK, the companies are willing to help you with your relocation. The exact relocation-package varies from company to company, but with some negotiation  skills you can you get the best option for you!



In the United Kingdom, you can easily visit several countries and have an unforgettable experience. So apply directly with us an start a new chapter in your life in the UK! Let us take you on this adventure.

Take a look at our available jobs in the United Kingdom and send an application today!

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