Living in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a small country in the heart of Europe with 10,5 million inhabitants. It has a variety of cultural and natural heritage. It is economically strong, with one of the lowest unemployment rate in Europe. Many automotive suppliers have their plants in Czech Republic. Prague and Brno are one of the favorite places for shared service centers gathering IT, customer care and finance talents from all over Europe.    

The official language is Czech, which is spoken by over 10 millions. Most of the younger Czechs speak English, many of them German, Spanish or Russian. Czechs learn languages from the first year in school and on the secondary level of education they start with a second foreign language.

Cost of living in the Czech Republic

You can easily rent a two room 50 – 60 m2 apartment close to the city center for 370 EUR – 550 EUR/month in Prague or for a little bit less in Brno. There are many restaurants where you can have a nice dinner and a beer or lemonade and still pay under 10 EUR. Transportation costs are as well lower than in other European countries. A day ticket for an adult is available for 4 Euros in Prague.

The traditional czech food is not for everyday, since it is very hearty, heavy and fatty - so it is often reserved for Sundays. Leave some space for dessert or sweets, as the Czech are known to have a sweet tooth. Because of its history, you'll find a wide range of different meals in the Czech Republic - just try it!
Compared to other Western European countries, the Czech Republic is known to be quite affordable.

There is a community of foreigners living in Czech Republic, which can give you further information: You can find practical information about moving to the Czech Republic, the medical and social system, English speaking doctors or recommendation of cultural events there.

Here you can find a tax calculator:


Working in the Czech Republic

EU-citizens can work without a permit, while non EU-citizen need a visa or business license. The work visa is normally sponsored by the company you work for. Prague and Brno are the best cities to find work as foreigner, because the two cities are multilingual and the companies here are international.

Would you like to live and work in one of the international companies in the Czech Republic? Take a look at our available jobs in the Czech Republic!

If you are interested in Czech Republic, contact your recruiter Dita!
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