Working in Switzerland

Switzerland is well-known for its extensive alpine landscapes, which invite you to go on excursions in winter as well as in summer. About 70 percent of Switzerland consists of mountains, some of them more than 4000 meters high. In addition to these wonderful natural wonders, Switzerland also offers a very promising labour market and is one of the most economically powerful countries in Europe.

As in other European countries, looking for accommodation in Switzerland can be difficult. In huge cities like Zurich, Basel or Bern, rental apartments are often expensive. The largest selection of apartments can be found on the Internet, but you can also get information through personal contacts, such as your future employer. Swiss rental contracts usually have a three months’ notice period with three fixed termination dates (March 31st, June 30th or September 30th ). For example, you can start your house-hunting here.

Living costs in Switzerland

At first sight, the costs of living may be scarily high. In Switzerland, however, the average income is significantly higher than in other European countries and the tax burden is low. As a result, emigration to Switzerland is not a problem from a financial perspective. A bus ticket costs about 3.30 Swiss franc and a small apartment in the city centre can cost up to 1500 Swiss franc. In relation to that, the average income is about 6000 Swiss francs.

You can find more detailed information about the costs of living here. Furthermore, you can find a currency converter to convert Swiss franc to Euro here.

Application process in Switzerland

The application process in Switzerland is very similar to Germany. Most employers expect you to have a motivation letter, a CV with a picture of you, certificates and references from previous employers. In individual cases, our recruiters will inform you about how the application process is working and which documents are needed.

Salary, insurance
and taxes in Switzerland

As already indicated, the average income in Switzerland is higher than in other European countries and the tax burden is relatively low. On average 12 percent of the gross income is deducted. However, the amount of tax burden depends on your family status and your place of residence. The health insurance is compulsory and the costs depend on the provider. In addition to that, you are insured against accidents by your employer. More information about health insurance in Switzerland can be found here.

If you would like to  know more about social contributions and social security, check

Here you can find a tax calculator.

Moving to Switzerland

Moving to Switzerland should not be a problem. Often your future employer is willing to assist you with your move. Just contact your contact person and find out about the possibilities.

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