Working in Spain

A sunny life in the kingdom of Spain sounds tempting. There are numerous beautiful apartments in the city centres, in the countryside, or directly with a view of the ocean. It always depends on your budget, but even with a small budget rooms can be found in nice locations without a problem. You can conduct detailed research on or

Living costs in Spain

A cool beer by the beach can be bought for only two Euros. For those who want to treat themselves with delicious tapas or similar Spanish delicacies have to spend about 10 Euros. In addition to that Spain offers very affordable rent prices; a flat just outside of town only costs around 400€. Details and more information on this topic can be found here.

Application process in Spain

Application processes can differ, depending on the qualifications of the applicant. The most common process is the following: You send your CV, complete an exam to verify your skills and knowledge and conduct an interview with the Head of HR. The length of time between submitting the job vacancy and starting the job depends on the employer’s requirements.

Salary, insurance
and taxes in Spain

The bad news ahead, salaries in Spain are relatively low. On average you earn 1,300€ in Spain. The good news is that the low living costs and the nice weather more than make up for the lower salary.

The tax system in Spain is comparable to the one in Germany. It is extremely complex and not easy to understand at all. In total the tax load is lower than here in Germany. If you want to read more about taxes in Spain, follow this link.

With the general social security system all employees, as well as their equals, are insured on a compulsory basis in Spain. Thisas well as this website will help you understand Spain's system a bit better.

Moving to Spain

The companies generally support you financially so that the move to Spain should be no big deal for you. They can also help you planning your move. Overall, a potential move to Spain will not lead to any bigger problems.