Working in Ireland

Welcome to the green Island! Despite Ireland’s small land area of around 70.000 km², finding an apartment there is not very hard. There is a great selection of rooms, apartments and even houses. These are usually even fully furnished. It is however advisable to get a job before searching for an apartment. Then you will only have to pay the deposit of one months worth of rent and your new life in Ireland can start.

Our house hunting recommendations are:

Living costs in Ireland

Renting a nice flat in Ireland can cost between 800 and 1000€. A beer after work is also still affordable at a cost of approx. 4.50€. The cost of alcoholic drinks in Germany is relatively unbeatable; that is why the price of alcoholic drinks in Germany and Ireland should not be compared.

Fresh bread from the bakery is affordable at a price of around 1€. In total the living costs are slightly above those in Germany but however they are counterbalanced through the lower income tax.

But just look for yourselves:

Application process in Ireland

To apply in Ireland, you need a letter of motivation and a CV in English. Always mention your availability and your net salary expectations.

The first interview will probably take place via phone or Skype. Make sure you are well-prepared and make yourself familiar with the vacancy and the company you apply for. In addition to that you should be able to tell why you want to work abroad and what motivates you. The second interview will be via phone or Skype, too. It’s often not necessary to come to Ireland for a personal interview. Usually, companies in Ireland are very fast. They want you to start as soon as you can. 

Salary, insurance
and taxes in Ireland

The relation between gross and net is different than in Germany. The gross salaries might be a little bit less than in Germany but the net salary could be surprisingly high. As an example: In Ireland, 2083 € gross/month is 1803 € net/month. In contrast to that, 2850 € gross/month in Germany equals 1806 € net/month. The salary will be paid monthly, sometimes even weekly.

For those who want to calculate their salary exactly, have a look at You will see, that the tax load is quite low in Ireland.

As an EU citizen you do not need a work permit to live and work in Ireland. However, it is important that you set up a Personal Public Service Number (PPS Number) for taxes and social welfare. Further information about the PPS Number can be found here:

Public health insurance is not available. In Ireland the majority of the population is covered through private health insurance, which is reasonably priced. For further information on the topic of health insurance we can recommend this website: