Working in Germany

Germany is the most populous country in Europe. This is particularly noticeable when you are house hunting in a city, as it can be a difficult to find a place to live. It is much easier to find a suitable apartment in the countryside. Although it is generally difficult to find your own place in Germany, a room in a shared house is always an option. Follow this link to find apartments.

Living costs in Germany

As far as consumer goods are concerned, living costs in Germany are reasonable. A bottle of water costs 40 cents and you'll get 25 cents deposit back. Beer from a supermarket can be bought for only 50 cents. For those of you who want to treat yourselves, German specialities are available at restaurants in every price range. Take a look at an overview of the full costs on numbeo.

Application process in Germany

To apply in Germany you need a CV and a covering letter. A photo is not allowed to be compulsory in Germany - nevertheless, we would recommend that you include a photo. Equally, employers’ references should always be attached to the application because a lot of value is attached to them in Germany. The more you are informed about the company and the job itself, the more confident you can appear in the interview. The usual questions such as strengths and weaknesses will be asked in the interview. Why this company? Why should they employ you out of all applicants? There is an infinite number of possible questions - you will be able to prepare well for them on the internet.  

Salary, insurance
and taxes in Germany

Salaries are high in Germany, however the taxes are also high. It can be calculated more precisely here. Depending on your work area, you can earn approximately €2,300 a month in Germany.

In Germany everyone is publicly insured. That means that doctor’s visits are not a problem at all. Of course, you can also be insured privately, there are numerous offers and providers. Here, you can find more information.

Moving to Germany

Moving to Germany is usually not a problem. Companies have a caring attitude in this situation – if they really want you to work for them, they will help out wherever they can with your move.