Working in France

France is the largest country in the European Union and is particularly popular for its versatility. Quaint landscapes, white sand beaches and popular ski and hiking areas attract numerous tourists from all over the world.

Looking for accommodation can be difficult in France, as in most other countries. There are huge differences between looking for apartments in the city or in the countryside. In general, you should start your house-hunting early, as it often takes a long period of time. You can find lots of rental apartments on the Internet, but also through personal recommendations such as your future employer. Here you can find a possibility to look for rental apartments in France:

Living costs in France

Again, it depends on which region you are living in. For example in the Paris region, housing costs are significantly higher than in the rest of the country. In general, housing costs represent a large part of living expenses. Besides that, the living costs are similar to those in other European countries. For example, a stamp costs 66 cents and a sandwich between 3 and 5 euros. More detailed information about living costs can be found here.

Application process in France

The application process in France is very similar to that in other European countries. For most positions, you need a CV, a motivation letter, and ideally references from previous employers. In individual cases, our recruiters will inform you about how the application process is working and which documents are needed.

Salary, insurance
and taxes in France

The salary in France is usually given as the annual gross salary and includes all the services your employer offers you. Sometimes there are bonuses in addition to the fixed salary, which give you the opportunity to improve your annual salary. The minimum wage in France is set by law and amounts 9.67€ per hour. Here you can find an income tax calculator.

Social insurance contributions and optional contributions such as pension or life insurance will be deducted from your gross salary. A special feature in France is that you have to pay your income tax on your own after submitting your tax declaration. More information on social contributions in France can be found here.

Health insurance is a mandatory insurance in France. If you enter a job in France, you are automatically registered by your employer for the national health insurance. Further information on health insurance can be found here.

Moving to France

As in almost every country, most of the companies in France cover the cost of moving. It depends on the company and the position, but a relocation package could for example include the flight, a hotel, or even furniture.