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Belgium is located between the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France, bordering the North Sea. The capital of Brussels attracts not only a large number of tourists, but also the government of the European Union. Belgium's cities are famous for their magnificent buildings and offer insights into different cultures. Even outside the bigger cities, Belgium offers numerous possibilities. Hikers will love the Ardennes and water sports fans are attracted to the vast beaches of the North Sea coast.

As in other European countries, looking for accommodation in Belgium can be difficult. In the metropolitan areas such as Brussels or Antwerp, rental apartments are often more expensive. The largest selection of apartments is available on the Internet, but you can also get information through personal contacts, such as your future employer. Please note that the additional costs (like water or electricity) are usually not included in the rent and that a deposit is often required.

For example, you can start your house-hunting here:

Living costs in Belgium

The costs of living in Belgium are not essentially different from that in other Central European countries. For example, a meal in a normal restaurant costs around 15 euros, a bus ticket can usually be purchased for about 2 euros.

More detailed information on the costs of living is available here:

Application process in Belgium

Most employers expect you to have a motivation letter, a CV with a picture of you, certificates and references from previous employers. In individual cases, our recruiters will inform you about how the application process is working and which documents are needed.

Salary, insurance
and taxes in Belgium

As an employee in Belgium, you must pay health insurance contributions as part of the Belgian social security system. Your future employer or colleagues will be able to advise you on which health insurance you can become a member. All health insurance funds require the same basic contribution. Your employer pays these contributions directly to the health insurance company of your choice, with a portion of your salary being withheld and part of your employer being taken over. Further information on health insurance can be found here:

Salaries in Belgium are generally above the European average. However, the taxes are also relatively high. Many employers also offer you a 13th monthly salary, which is paid out at the end of the year, or a holiday bonus. The standard working time in Belgium is 38 hours per week. Here, you can find an income tax calculator:

Moving to Belgium

Moving to Belgium should not be a problem. Often your future employer is willing to assist you with your move. Just contact your contact person and find out about the possibilities. It is important to note that you have to apply for a residence permit after three months. However, if you have a working place in Belgium, you will usually get it without problems.

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