Keep in mind: Your CV is your “own” marketing brochure

Take care of the right structure of your CV:

  1. Personal information
  2. Working Experience including apprenticeships
  3. Education
  4. Additional Info: Computer Skills, Languages
  5. References

Make sure to add the following content:

  1. Relevant personal information: Contact details including name, address, email, phone, Skype ID
  2. Write down the exact months and years of your employments, studies and internships.
  3. Write your employers names, your function and a short but very precise description of each of your tasks in bullet points.
  4. References:
    Ideally you add 2 references or two job certifications to you application
  5. If you have gaps in your CV please also explain them in a short but very precise way and do not forgot to state the exact time. The more your CV is self-explanatory the better it is for you!
  6. Some companies really love to have a nice motivational letter in your mother-tongue and in English. If you write a motivation letter upfront it can save you time later.


That's it!

We wish you all the best of luck for your applications!

We have a few very simple and effective interview preparation tips for you which can help you to prepare for “the big day”. 

  1. Make yourself familiar with the vacancy you apply for. Contact your recruiter if you are unsure about the details.
  2. Make yourself familiar with the company you are applying for and its products
  3. Be able to tell your interviewer why you apply for this specific position and why you are interested in working for them (also the city/country)
  4. Prepare good examples of your previous working experience to show that you already gained good skills to work in the position you are applying for.
  5. Show enthusiasm and smile
  6. Professional dress code: It does not matter if you have a Skype Interview or a personal interview (mostly this is the case in a 2nd round of a recruiting process), please dress yourself very professional! 

That’s it! 

We wish you all the best for your interviews!

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