We, here at people-s-place, know that for many people their profession is one of the most important parts of their life - it takes up a lot of our time. Hence, it is very important that a position is tailored to our personal strengths and interests.

Make the most of our knowledge and our network!

In order to find a suitable new challenge for you, we support you throughout the whole application process. We communicate with the decision makers and place you directly into a permanent position. We are not a staff leasing agency.

Of course, our services are completely free for you as a candidate. 

We will support you in the following ways:


  • We would like to get to know you better to understand your professional wishes and ideas. As a result, we can judge the options available to you and suggest relevant jobs for your new life chapter.
  • A career change always raises many questions. We make sure you know about the position’s responsibilities and its organizational framework, the work environment and the new place of work.



  • We prepare you and your application specifically for an individual position and make a recommendation directly to those who make the personnel decisions in our client companies.
  • We arrange interviews for you (via phone, Skype or in person).
  • We will give you a lead for job interviews and, if necessary, for tests, recruitment days etc.



  • We give you feedback on the outcome of the interview(s) as fast as we can.
  • Even after the decision, we support you with information about additional steps, such as signing the contract and, if necessary, relocation.


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Because creating applications takes up a lot of time in addition to your daily work, please feel free to contact us outside normal working hours.