I.Cooperation with people-s-place

1.What is the work (the function) of people-s-place GmbH?

people-s-place GmbH is a service provider with orientation in international recruitment. We work for our customers (=companies in Europe) and help them to find specialists from various fields. 

2.Is this a temporary work agency?

No, we only work with companies that are interested in direct placement. This means that successful mediated applicants sign a contract directly with the company and not the people-s-place GmbH. Our service is completed and ends when the candidate signs the contract or appears on the first working day.

3.How can I apply?

You can apply either via our homepage www.people-s-place.com or via our advertisements on the career pages. Alternatively, you can send your documents via the e-mail address info@people-s-place.de, stating the job title or reference number.

4.What costs do I incur as an applicant when working with people-s-place GmbH?

There are no costs for our applicants during the entire cooperation with people-s-place GmbH. We are commissioned and remunerated by our corporate customers.

5.What documents are required?

Usually, we first need a resume to match your qualifications with the requirements of the vacancy. In addition, it usually makes sense to write a cover letter to describe your motivation. In the further course of the application, we will inform you if we also need to present study certificates and references to our customer.

6.In which language should I send my documents?

It makes sense to send us your application documents in English (if nothing else is mentioned). If you send your application in another language, we will ask you to provide it in English. If necessary, we can also accept work certificates and study certificates in the original language.

7.How can I score in my application?

It is important that your experience and qualification, relevant to the vacancy, are clearly stated in your records so that we can determine if you meet the requirements of the vacancy. For example, make sure your language proficiency is well documented when you apply for a position of international concern.

8.How do I compile my documents? Which information is important?

Each country has its own specifications as regards the application documents. You should enter the following information for the completeness of your CV:

  • Personal information (name, place of birth, date of birth, address)
  • Nationality (or work permit)
  • Relevant work experience
  • Educational path
  • Language skills with language level
  • If necessary (written) references

9.May I apply for several positions?

Of course, you can apply for several open vacancies if they are very similar in scope and if you are interested in multiple locations / companies. Please note that if you apply for several very different positions, it may have a negative impact on the assessment of your motivation.

10.Do I need a valid work permit?

Yes, in order to be considered for a vacancy, you must have an unrestricted work permit for that country. Citizens of the European Union are entitled to work in all EU member states. 

As a rule, our clients cannot provide work visas. For this reason it is important that the application documents (e.g. CV) make it clear which nationality you have or whether you have a valid work permit for the country.

11.I submitted my documents a few weeks ago, but I have not heard anything from people-s-place yet. Why?

We always strive to quickly contact our applicants and speed up the application process. However, sometimes, for a variety of reasons, feedback may be delayed (for example, if the customer's order situation is not clear). In this case, we may initially retain your application and return to you as soon as possible.

If you would like to know more about the status of the application, you can, of course, contact us directly.

12.What happens if I am not considered for the job?

If you are not considered, you will receive a message from us for the vacancy you have applied for. This can happen for a variety of reasons and may not necessarily be related to your aptitude. Please do not hesitate to apply again if you discover more interesting places with us. If you wish to have your documents deleted immediately, please let us know. Read more about our data protection policy here Datenschutz

13.What is the advantage of cooperating with people-s-place GmbH?

Working with us will benefit you at several levels. On one hand, we will advise you regarding your application documents and provide you with information regarding the general conditions of the vacancy. On the other hand, through our close cooperation with local decision-makers, your documents end up directly with the responsible HR staff. We prepare you for the presentation to the employer, assist you in communicating with the company and provide you with information on the questions that interest you, such as salary, working hours and moving packages. Thus, we give you great advantages over other applicants.

14.I have not found a suitable vacancy, but would like to be informed about different possibilities. How do I proceed?

In this case, please send us your unsolicited application together with the description of your desired activity (and details such as location, salary, starting date, field) to the e-mail address info@people-s-place.de or register via this link: https://www.people-s-place.de/en/apply-form.

15.What can I expect from people-s-place GmbH?

Trust, honesty and respect are the foundation of our collaboration with both our business clients and our candidates.

II.Application Process

1.Who receives my documents except people-s-place GmbH?

We will send your documents, of course only after consultation with you, to our contact persons in the respective HR departments who will decide on the further course of your application.


2.How does the application process go after the first interview with people-s-place GmbH?

If, after the interview, you agree that your records should be forwarded, we will submit the required documents to the company. Typically, you then participate in the company's internal application process. This can take place during telephone/Skype -interviews or a personal job interview. Some of our customers also invite their applicants to a trial day or assessment center. Discuss with your contact person of people-s-place GmbH how the different recruiting processes are with the respective company.

The travel costs for the job interview are taken over by some of the employer.

3.I am still employed and would like to apply anonymously. Is that possible?

Yes, we can anonymize your current employer on request.

4.How soon can I get a feedback?

We strive to inform you as soon as possible about the status of your application. Since the company is the decision maker, the response time varies greatly. It usually takes 5-14 working days.

III.Working abroad

1.I would have to move to accept the job. Is there any support for that? And if so, to what extent?

Assistance with moving abroad for a job is not the rule. Nevertheless, many of our customers offer a relocation package. This is something you can discuss with your contact person of people-s-place GmbH.

2.I was invited to a job interview, who bears the costs?

It varies from company to company how this is taken care of. This is a matter that you can discuss with your contact person of people-s-place GmbH, when this question is relevant.

3.I do not have a work permit for the country of the company, can I still apply?

No, unfortunately we can only consider applicants with a valid work permit.

4.Can I keep a second residence in my home country, even if I work abroad?

Yes, but certain country-specific requirements must be taken into account. Please get in touch with your local authority.

5.Who helps me with the bureaucracy abroad?

Sometimes companies provide assistance in registering the place of residence and requesting the necessary documents, such as: the social security number etc. You can discuss this with your contact person of people-s-place GmbH.

6.How does health insurance work abroad?

Health insurance regulations vary widely depending on the countries.

7.Is there always a pension plan?

In general, the periods of employment and the deposit can be credited to the coffers of the EU countries. Please ask the responsible authorities hot the topic is treated in your case.

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