Spicing Up Remote Teamwork: #1 Klaxoon

In Germany, the second lockdown starts today and once again our whole life is restricted to our own four walls.

At people-s-place, we will again work mainly from home. As collegiality, exchange and social interaction like common breaks are very important to us, we are very sad about this. Regular meetings can at least reduce the pain a little. But what possibilities of digital collaboration are there beyond video calls? We would like to introduce you to a few tools that we have already tested and are very keen to use!

#1 Klaxoon

Klaxoon is a learning solution that enables different ways to interact in meetings, trainings, and conferences. We use Klaxoon as a whiteboard for remote workshops. The board can be prepared in advance at your ease: Thematic tables, headings, texts, shapes, photos, documents... All the elements needed for interaction can be integrated directly on the board. klaxoon_workshop.jpg

Participants can be invited to the board and add ideas mainly in the form of post-its, either synchronously or asynchronously. For a better overview and aggregation, they can be moved and grouped afterwards. The tool is super easy to handle and the usability is unbeatable. This means that there is no need for training before use: The functions can be explained briefly by the trainer during the first use. After 2-3 minutes of trying it out, the participants should be familiar with Klaxoon. And off you go!


Unfortunately, there is no free version of Klaxoon available. However, there is a 3-month trial phase, where you can test extensively if you love the tool as much as we do. Have fun!

Photo: Sarah Kilian via