Our Grads - What Comes After Becoming a Bachelor?

To enable students to immediately apply the knowledge they have learned in thei university lectures, we always employ interns and student trainees. But how do you go on once you have your Bachelor's degree and leave student life behind? Recently, Mart and Tatu were able to toss hats and pat themselves on the back for years of cramming. We asked them what their plans are now. 

Tatu, Mart, what have you two learned over the past few years?

Mart: "I would say the most important thing I learned during my studies is that time management is very important for every aspect of life."

Tatu: "... That it's pointless to plan too much ahead, because life always has surprises anyway. For example, I was supposed to come to Germany just for my exchange. Well - now I've been living here for two years!"

Looking back, is there anything you would do differently in your studies?

Tatu: "To be honest, not too much. I took most of what I could from my studies. For example, I was part of the student council at our university and I dared to go to a foreign university in the middle of the pandemic. Therefore, on balance, I would say I made the most of my studies!"

Mart: "I probably wouldn't do much differently either. I really enjoyed my studies. Maybe I would have started my studies a few years later overall so that I would have had the opportunity to study abroad and do my first internship somewhere abroad. Unfortunately, because of my young age, all of that wasn't quite as easy."

So where do you go from here? What do you have planned for yourselves?

Mart: "I will be working for an IT recruitment company in Amsterdam. I'll start on the first of September and I'm already excited to see what will await me."

Tatu: "I will stay with people-s-place as a Junior International Recruitment Consultant. Therefore, I definitely want to continue working on my recruiting skills in the future. During my studies I have already learned a lot at people-s-place, but of course more is always possible. Towards the end of my studies, Caro gave me responsibility for onboarding at people-s-place. I would like to improve in this area as well and optimize the process in my own way. Overall, I just want to acquire all the skills that are valuable for everyday work. Privately, I want to continue to travel around a lot and enjoy life to the fullest! Now that I don't have to spend my nights and weekends studying and working on my thesis, I'll have more time for that - without a guilty heart."