Full Speed Ahead

The time has come: After the lockdown and a long time of working at home, we at people-s-place finally return to our offices. Since we are a close and friendly team, we have missed working, seeing, chatting and eating together!

To kick off the new start, we spent two long and productive workshop days. Although we have had regular and even more frequent video conferences over the past few months, it was time to talk extensively about some important things. So we took two full days to work on ourselves, our collaboration and our potentials.

We talked a lot about how the year 2020 has gone for us so far. We can proudly say that we have been able to master the difficult time better than we had dreamed. We discussed how we imagine the second half of the year, what our goals are and how we want to achieve them.


The second and far greater part of our workshop was an extensive exchange of information about our clients and their vacancies. In role-plays we worked on our way of approaching and interviewing candidates. It was not only fun, but provided valuable insights and input. We were able to learn from each other and identify strengths and potential for improvement.


Those who know us also know that eating is an important part of our corporate culture.That's why our lunch breaks on both days were not too short to provide us with enough energy. On the first workshop day, each team member brought something homemade. Because of the diversity in the team we had dishes from different countries and it was just fabulous...


On the second workshop day we were spoiled by Café Frida, a local little restaurant with vegan specialties...


We all found these intense days incredibly helpful and productive, which is why our next workshop day is already being planned!