Cross-Border Onboarding

If you have been following us for a longer period of time now, you might know that it is part of our company culture to employ and train interns and working student. That way, students receive the possibility to optimally combine university and working life. Few months ago, we got in contact with Camilla who is living in Northern Italy. As we were convinced of her abilities and her personality, we were happy to offer her an internship in the field of International Recruitment in our offices in Ulm, starting in June 2020.

Well, and then the big crisis of CoViD-19 took its course...

It was clear relatively soon that Camilla would not be able to move to Ulm on the planned date. To us, on the other hand, it was clear that we always try to make things happen! A 'no' or 'Sorry, we can't' is simply not in our DNA. Period.

We stand by what we say and go the extra mile if we have to. We needed a new plan, and we found it quickly: Camilla will be given the chance to start working for us remotely. Home office has been part of our way work routines ever since, so why not letting Camilla work from home?

The only challenge for us now is the online onboarding as we have never had to do this exclusively remotely before. We were sitting together in our team to design a remote onboarding plan for Camilla. The whole psp-team will take care of a specific part of her training. Some of our clients already showed us that they were flexible enough to make it happen and hire and train new employees remotely. This gave us extra courage to do the same.

Today, we have already sent Camilla's work equipment to Italy, which she will receive in the next few days. Her onboarding starts on June 9th, and we are very much looking forward to welcome her in our team! Furthermore, we are all very much looking forward to this new challenge of cross-border onboarding!


Welcome to psp Camilla! We are very happy to have you on board!

Cover Photo: Andrew Neel via