Camilla's Onboarding From Conegliano

As you might already know, our Italian intern Camilla unfortunately was not able to come to our offices in Ulm to do her internship in the field of international recruiting. Even her onboarding had to take place remotely. Luckily, with the help of everyone in our team, everything went quite smoothly.

"For the first one or two weeks, I had many trainings on how to do active research (which I have never done before), on who our clients are, what they do and what they are looking for, and on how to interact with candidates. I started doing my first tasks by myself quite soon: I was actively searching for candidates and helped my colleagues in their searches - especially for Italian speaking candidates."


Since Camilla's internship at people-s-place is not the first working experience she has ever gained, she is able to compare the special situation of remote onboarding to regular ones. "The main difference of doing an onboarding online with respect to a normal onboarding is that you cannot just sit next to your colleagues and watch." Although the social part, unfortunately, runs shorter this way, onboarding from home also has a considerable advantage: "The trainings are very specific and you can take the time to try in practice what you learned and do your own researches." 

The hardest thing for Camilla was the lack of direct exchange with colleagues. Normally, we would sit together in our office where she could simply ask a question as soon as she was unsure of something. In this situation, she always had to call or send an email, which not only took more time, but was sometimes a greater hurdle. "But then, on the other hand, the nicest part was seeing how everybody at work supported me and tried to bond with me even if I was far away and they did not know me in person."


Asking Camilla whether she would be open to onboard from abroad again, she said: "Yes depending on the circumstances. I am having a wonderful experience and I feel very lucky that everything worked out and that I could learn a lot. The most important thing is to find the right people and the right working environment."

We are super happy about our decision to NOT cancel her internship due to Covid-19. When we asked Camilla for aspects, we could have done better, she could not think of anything and thinks that we handled everything in the best possible way, which makes us extremely proud!