International Recruitment Consultant

Tatu Sairanen

The other Finn of the company who was supposed to come to Germany for just an exchange year but ended up getting a job as an International Recruitment Assistant and is not regretting staying one bit. 




Last spring, Tatu was looking for internships in Germany in the field of HR and Recruitment, and by his own words ‘hit the jackpot’ when he stumbled on people-s-place website and didn’t hesitate one second to send an open application after the first impression from the website. Ever since, he has enjoyed every day more and more. In the meantime, Tatu's internship has ended and he started working as permanently employed Junior International Recruitment Consultant while finishing his double bachelors in European Business Administration and Business Psychology. Tatu’s daily tasks conclude from assisting the whole team in every part of the recruitment process and learning to do these processes individually from sourcing to sending candidates to our clients.

Tatu starts his every day with a cup of coffee from his Moomin coffee cup and really enjoys being active by spending time with his friends by going out with them for dinner, drinks, and other activities like movies and sports. He also enjoys spending time in nature hiking and camping especially at the Schwäbische Alb area. He has always had a passion for traveling and meeting people from different backgrounds to learn more about the world and its different cultures.

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Believe me: there’s nothing more dangerous in life than to become an indoor sitter.