Junior International Recruitment Consultant

Marinela Jelusic

Always daydreaming about the new destinations and ready to go for an unplanned trip in no time. Marinela's a people person but might as well judge you if you're not a fan of Harry Potter or Marvel. 




Marinela is from Croatia and has recently completed a Master's degree in International Relations and Diplomacy. She's fluent in Croatian, English, and Serbian, and is on a good way to adding German to the list A combination of curiosity and a thirst for new surroundings brought Marinela to Germany. During her student days, she switched between different student jobs to try to figure out what she was passionate about. Originally, she was a candidate for another position, but it turned out that recruiting was the perfect option. That's how she began her journey at people-s-place and is looking forward to the new challenges ahead. 

Besides spending time with her loved ones, Marinela enjoys being outdoors with her friends and talking just about everything. Going to the cinema and grabbing a delicious meal afterward are her favorite things to do on weekends. Great person to have on a speed dial for book recommendations. Passionate cook. Cheap wine expert. Sarcasm lover. Bookworm.

annual Harry Potter marathon
books per month
minimum amount of hitting the 'snooze' button each morning
Working hard is important. But there is something that matters even more: believing in yourself