Finance Controller

Katia Zaiser

Katia is our eternally young Brazilian beauty and great joker! You better trust her, because she knows how to handle numbers!




Do you know how a reset button works in true life? Katia does! After a long and successful career in Human Resources in her home country Brazil, she started all over again when she arrived in Germany.

In Brazil, she gained 14 years of Human Resources experience. She had been working as a manager for large global French, German and American-based companies. She has knowledge of the best practices on the financial services industry, allied to technical knowledge of several HR IT systems platforms and also deep financial skills. And boom – that’s when Katia lost her heart to a German man.

She moved from Brazil to Germany and her life turned upside down. Her life is lighter with less responsibility and more life quality. She tried other professional paths, but the desire to return to the business world, working with numbers and calculations, became bigger and bigger. So she joined people-s-place! Ever since, Katia is responsible for everything concerning dinero!

In her free time, she pays attention to a good sports-relaxation-vino balance. Could that be the secret to eternal youth?

hours in the park (on a sunny day)
workouts per week
glass of wine on weekends
I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself.