Founder and CEO

Caroline Mittmann

The woman at the top, without whose vision, diligence and fighting spirit people-s-place would not exist.




Caroline has always wanted challenges... In her childhood, you could find her on the sports field or in some sports hall. Competitions at the weekend or point games were on the agenda until she was 18. Her great passion was the throwing disciplines in athletics, football and handball. She always loved competing and winning championships. It was a good combination of individual and team sports. This way, she learned early on that on the one hand she depended on herself to perform. But also on the other hand, how great united team performance is and how great it is to spur each other on. Caroline came into contact with the topic of Sales at an early age. Her uncle took her on his field service tours and she collected returnable bottles at open airs to supplement her pocket money. She started waiting tables when she was 18. All these experiences led her to accept a job in Sales after finishing her business studies. When learning about Recruitment, it was clear to her: That's what she would want to do! She has always liked bringing people together. So, let's go for it!

Besides sports, travelling is Caro’s passion. She always loved to work on an international level because she enjoys getting to know people from different cultures, travelling to other countries and thus broadening her horizons. After a wonderful time with her former employer, she decided to become self-employed in 2014. Her parents were self-employed entrepreneurs for more than half of their working lives. She therefore simply had the best support imaginable to build up her own company.

Today, people-s-place is an international team consisting of people from very different countries who are all multilingual and who all work together to bring people together internationally.

The year she first arrived in the USA, changing her life forever
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Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.