As recruiters, we have made it our task to arrange professional contacts throughout Europe. We are not a staff leasing agency, we deal solely with permanent positions. We act as your partners and advisers in finding suitable employees for our customers and exciting new tasks for our candidates.

In addition to years of experience in recruiting and a large network of contacts, we set ourselves apart by our significant international experience, broad knowledge of languages and individually-tailored advice.

To strive for a long-term cooperation, we attach great importance to arranging the best possible match between all parties.


Our team

Caroline Mittmann

German, English
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Starting at the top, there is Caroline Mittmann, founder and CEO of people-s-place GmbH. Through her years of work in the field of recruitment, most recently at one of the world's largest and most successful staffing companies in the field of recruitment/permanent placement, Caroline Mittmann has developed an extensive network of contacts with institutions, candidates and companies from various industries. Working with people is Caroline Mittmann’s passion, which she has turned into her vocation. Her guiding statement is: "Build bridges – bring people together."

Linda Ansa

Finnish, Swedish, English
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Like their colleagues, Linda Ansa loves to travel and is always open to other cultures. These travels eventually led her from Finland to California and then to us in Germany. Raised in a bilingual environment, she speaks Swedish and Finnish perfectly. Linda has always enjoyed working with people and has actually studied social work and education. She has now discovered recruiting and is having a lot of fun, helping companies in their search for new employees - and supporting candidates in their job search at least as much.

Jessica Hartwig

German, English
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Jessica graduated from the University of Ulm in 2020 with a Master's degree in Economics with a focus on Behavioral Economics and Economic Policy. Prior to that, she focused on marketing and media design in her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. During her Master studies, Jessica joined people-s-place as a working student in marketing. After graduating, she took over the corporate communication and all our marketing activities as our Marketing Specialist. In addition, she works as Research Associate and is completing her doctorate in the field of applied microeconomics. She likes to spend her spare time travelling, dancing, doing fitness and being creative. She also loves to bake and is therefore our "muffin lady".

Michaela Özden

Czech, English, German
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Michaela has more than 10 years of experience with recruitment of candidates from different countries, and is surrounded by people speaking different languages not only professionally but also personally within her own family. That makes her the perfect colleague at people-s-place! To help to change someone’s life in a positive way by finding the right job or to help a client to fill the vacancy is still challenging and thrilling for her. In her free time she loves to be out with her kids. Reading books or watching dark crime series are Michaela’s favourite things to do when she has time for herself.

Katia Zaiser

Portuguese, German, English
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Katia is responsible for the finances and HR matters here at people-s-place. She is originally from São Paulo, Brazil, where she worked in International Banking in the fields of finance, accounting and HR. She really likes her job here at people-s-place, especially the opportunity to create tailor-made solutions for us and to learn new things. She enjoys implementing new processes to improve the efficiency of our work here. Katia finds that living with different cultures and listening to other languages in the office makes her job particularly rewarding.

Cengizhan Sahin

German, Turkish, English
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Cengizhan is currently completing an internship as International Recruiting Assistant at people-s-place. He is studying Business Administration with an international profile at the University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm and graduates with a Bachelor of Arts degree by the end of 2021. At his university, he is involved as a student mentor and tutor for first-year students and students from abroad. He also organized a university excursion to Tokyo together with friends and his professor for intercultural management, as he is very interested in the Japanese culture. Since he loves working in an international environment, he is excited about the opportunity to help us trilingually. He loves to spend his summers frequently at the Black Sea. At home in Ulm, he likes to be by the Danube, where he does a lot of sports and enjoys sun.

Carolin Weinhardt

German, Russian, English
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Carolin studied International Business Eastern Europe at Heilbronn University with a focus on International Human Resource Management. During her studies she had the opportunity to use and deepen her native language Russian. At the same time, she was able to gain her first professional experience in the field of recruiting and thus discovered her passion for this task. It gives her the feeling of being able to create something good for others. In addition, she is thrilled by the contact to people from a wide variety of different countries, religions and cultures, both professionally and privately. Therefore, she joined our people-s-place team in the last stages of her studies. In her free time she spends a lot of time with her friends and her dog or is traveling.

Irene Fascio

Italian, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French
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Irene graduated from the University of Milano-Bicocca with a Master's degree in Tourism and Marketing & Global Communication. Previously, she focused on languages in her Bachelor's degree in Turin. Besides her native language Italian, she has good knowledge of English, German and Spanish and she can also speak Portuguese and French. During her Master's studies, Irene has already gained experiences abroad: For studies in Spain and as an intern in Germany. She has always enjoyed working with and being connected to people which is why she is now working as International Recruitment Assistant at people-s-place. She loves to jump into new opportunities and to create international relationships. During her spare time, Irene likes traveling, playing volleyball, exercising, and enjoying an “aperitivo” with her friends, especially in her hometown Turin. She is also very passionate about wine.

Luca Marie Repa

German, English, Spanish, French
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Luca has successfully passed her A-levels in July 2021 at the St. Hildegard Gymnasium in Ulm. In order to gain her first experience in the working world, she has been supporting us as an intern since mid-August. She is just as enthusiastic about getting to know people from different countries and cultures as she is about being able to continue using the foreign languages she learned at school. In the summer semester Luca will start studying International Business. She likes to spend her free time doing sports, hanging out with friends or reading a good book.

Tatu Sairanen

Finnish, English
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Our International Recruitment Assistant Tatu is a double degree student from Finland doing one of his Bachelors in European Business Administration to Metropolia UAS Finland and another one in Business Psychology to HFT Stuttgart Germany. Besides speaking Finnish and English, he has been learning the German language for the past year that he has been living and studying in Germany. Tatu has a background of working as an Automation Assembler in Finland. However, he realized quite quickly that he prefers to work with people rather than machines and therefore ended up studying European Business focusing on Business Psychology and HR studies. In his spare time, he enjoys hanging out with friends and having nice hikes in nature for example at the Schwäbischen Alb area. Tatu has always been traveling and has a passion for making new contacts with different backgrounds to learn new things about the world and its citizens.

Joussef Belaidi

German, English, Arabic
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Joussef started working as our International Recruitment Assistant as part of his studies in International Business – Intercultural Communication at the University of Heilbronn. During his studies, he spent six months in Cairo, Egypt where he realized that working in an international environment is what he really wants to. With his language skills in German, English, Arabic and basic knowledge of French and Spanish, that seems to be a great fit! After his semester abroad, he gained further international experience by organizing a seminar-trip to Tunisia in 2018 where he and his fellow students visited several German companies for networking. Joussef expects finishing his Bachelor's studies at the beginning of 2022. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, traveling and just enjoying life.

Christina Feurle

German, English, Hungarian
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During her Bachelor's studies at the University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm, Christina supported us as a working student in recruiting. In her studies, she focused on the main areas of human resources management, international management and marketing. After graduating in 2020 she decided to work full-time at people-s-place. She enjoys getting in touch with people from all over the world as well as working in an international environment. In her free time, Christina loves travelling, meeting up with friends, baking and every now and then getting creative while painting. :-)
Currently, our dear Christina is on maternity leave. 
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