As recruiters, we have made it our task to arrange professional contacts throughout Europe. We are not a staff leasing agency, we deal solely with permanent positions. We act as your partners and advisers in finding suitable employees for our customers and exciting new tasks for our candidates.

In addition to years of experience in recruiting and a large network of contacts, we set ourselves apart by our significant international experience, broad knowledge of languages and individually-tailored advice.

To strive for a long-term cooperation, we attach great importance to arranging the best possible match between all parties.


Our team

Starting at the top, there is Caroline Mittmann, founder and CEO of people-s-place GmbH. Through her years of work in the field of recruitment, most recently at one of the world's largest and most successful staffing companies in the field of recruitment/permanent placement, Caroline Mittmann has developed an extensive network of contacts with institutions, candidates and companies from various industries. Working with people is Caroline Mittmann’s passion, which she has turned into her vocation. Her guiding statement is: "Build bridges – bring people together."

Caroline Mittmann

German and English

After working for the biggest Czech recruiting agency, Petra moved to Germany together with her family. She started learning German as an additional foreign language on a very good level within a short amount of time. Petra is a very enthusiastic, eager and motivated person who loves challenging projects. She loves working as an international recruiter, because she meets interesting people with different nationalities on a daily basis. In her private time, Petra loves to travel and to spend time in the nature.

Petra Kubečková

Czech, English, and German

Like their colleagues, Linda Ansa loves to travel and is always open to other cultures. These travels eventually led her from Finland to California and then to us in Germany. Raised in a bilingual environment, she speaks Swedish and Finnish perfectly. Linda has always enjoyed working with people and has actually studied social work and education. She has now discovered recruiting and is having a lot of fun, helping companies in their search for new employees - and supporting candidates in their job search at least as much.

Linda is fluent in Finnish, Swedish, and English (and is working hard to learn German).

Linda Ansa

Finnish, Swedish, and English

Davor was born in a country where only two million people in the world speak that language (Slovenia). He realized already at the time that the world is a bit bigger than that - he moved at a young age and settled in Italy, probably because of the tasteful food and drink, although he didn’t eat almost anything as a child.

Davor discovered Germany because of a great opportunity that he got during his studies, and he really liked the environment and the people that he met on his path (and of course he also fell in love with the German food). After having worked in the sand industry in Italy (he didn´t build sand castles), he decided to come back to the country where he “achieved” one of his biggest challenges and decided to start a new career in international recruiting.

Davor Djekić

Italian, Serbo-Croatian, German, English

While Jana was studying Sociology at the University of Heidelberg, she did an internship at people-s-place that was followed by a working student employment. Since she likes working with people in general and is fond of intercultural communication with different people – what she has in our office as well as outside the office – she started as a recruiter with us right away after she graduated. Jana is an animal-lover and she is very interested in topics that are related to health science, social sciences and psychology.

Jana-Marie Rapp

German and English